Me and My BLTs…



Are you like me and like to have a bunch of BLT’s during the day? Yup…BLT…Bites, licks and tastes (get your mind out of the gutter).

I know a lot of moms – and probably some dads – who, while clearing off the dinner table, take a few bites of their kids’ food that they left on their plates. Why waste it, right? We may pick at whatever is on the office kitchen table – but not eat the entire thing – just a taste of course. We may grab a few pieces of whatever snack we are putting in the kids lunches (those Nacho flavor goldfish crackers are super tasty -and very small – so very easy to pop a couple in your mouth!), and we may take a lick at the ice cream cone that our husbands are eating with our kids…oh wait, is that only my husband? 😉

What people don’t realize…and what I often forget …is that all of these little tastes ACTUALLY add up in calories! So if you are grazing 6 times a day and each time is 100 calories or more…you have, in reality, eaten 600+ calories on food you didn’t even really enjoy because it was not enough to enjoy!

I know that starting a healthy diet – or re-starting one, is sometimes overwhelming. In your head you hear “must drink lots of water, fill up on veggies, eat protein at every meal, don’t eat after dinner…” but I bet stopping the amount of BLTs you take during a day would show a result in itself. Actually I am sure of it as that has helped me in the past.

I’d rather savour my food and take into account WHAT I am actually eating. A bite here and there is definitely not satisfying so why even do it? I’m not asking you…I’m asking ME! Ugh!

So if you are following a healthy diet and still reaching for those BLTs and not seeing results – that may be the reason why. I have a feeling it’s a big part of my reason why.

Well, my kids will be happy that I won’t be asking them for one bite…just one bite…and actually I think my husband will be happy too!

The funny thing about BLTs is that I don’t think I have ever eaten a real BLT. LOL

See you at the Squat Rack ~