Happy Mother’s Day…


I’m a mom. Two boys. Loud house. Hockey games in my kitchen. Balls bouncing off my living room walls. Wrestling on the tiles. NHL. NFL. TSN. Anything with three letters.

Constant conversations hover around hockey statistics, scores, whose team is better than the others, who cheated, who started the fight, who left the mess, who is picking the game to play, who is sitting beside mom, who is sitting beside dad, who is not tired to go bed, who is not hungry, why lunch wasn’t eaten at school…

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. The only day really when the kids love me enough to get a long for about 3 hours, where I am served some food, when I am told to rest. Literally by 1pm last year I had to remind the boys that it was STILL Mother’s Day so threatening each other was not really part of the gift.

This year I will be up at out of the house to watch my youngest play football.

I could complain about it and say I am not getting breakfast in bed like I usually do, but my gift is watching him play.

I could complain that my house is so loud with voices and balls bouncing, loud with their own commentating, but if it wasn’t filled with these voices, my halls would feel empty.

I could complain that I’d like to talk about something other what the score was during football/soccer recess but then I’d miss their excited play by plays.

I could complain about the pillows, books, games, nerf gun pieces on my floor, but that shows me that they are home.

I could complain that they always need to sit between me and my husband but soon they will be out more than they are home.

I could complain that I am always in the kitchen making somebody something to eat, but then I think about when they are off living on their own and not telling me that I make the best peanut butter sandwiches anymore.

I could complain that I need some rest. I could complain that I need some peace and quiet. I could complain that I would like to go and see Beauty and the Beast and not Iron Man. But I know, soon enough, as they start to hover over me in size, as their voices start to change, as their priorities shift as ours did, I will get all of that.

They will be independent.

They will find a love.

They may move away.

And I will miss the balls bouncing, the brotherly fights, the excited play by plays, the zombie books on the floor, the hockey night in Canada theme song, and even…yes, the butt talk.

So for right now, I will try not to complain. I will try to live in THEIR moments. I know it’s easier said than done but maybe that’s my Mother’s Day gift to myself.

And when they are fighting and hating each other for the moment, I will remember Julian’s good night to me this week “Goodnight, Beauty” he said. I will remember Jacob running to me after I picked him up at school saying, “I missed you so much today, mommy.”

Heart melting moments – they make it all worthwhile.

But, if they do move away…guess who is moving with them?!! I’ll give you a hint. It’s me. Who needs peace and quiet anyway?

See you at the Squat Rack ~



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  1. Maral D.

    Thank you so much for putting it so eloquently.

    It’s a great reminder to keep things in perspective.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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