Date Night


Last night I went on a date with an 8 year old…oops, sorry…almost 9 year old.

His brother and dad were out for their own special evening and I wanted my youngest to have a great night too. I asked him where he would like to go and he chose McDonald’s. (Yes, I cringed…lol…so many other great places!!) Oh well, he’s 8…almost 9.

He wanted to wait until his brother went out at almost 8pm so that he was out at the same time. Thank goodness I already ate…8pm is WAY past my dinner time! I would have been eating my arm by that point.

He ordered his food and we sat in a booth and talked. He told me about his day – his first day of EQAO, the video they watched at school, his friends, his plans for the next day…and I sat there, leaning forward, my hand on my chin, listening but more so, watching him. One on one time is so precious and hard to come by in the busyness of our lives.

I told him…”this is like we are on a date.” And he smiled. Giggled. Then went on about something else.

Since he is like me in the way of loving to be comfy and in bed comfy even more so  – I mentioned we should get home, put on our pjs and watch Game 7 of the hockey game in mommy’s bed – all comfy and warm! He loved the idea as he never watches TV in our room.

We got home and of course, something was wrong with our TV (insert husband’s eye rolling). So as I tried to get it to work, Jacob yelled “don’t come into my room.”

I was so flustered with the TV; I didn’t even question what he was doing.

Two minutes later, he is standing beside me, in his Communion suit (one year later and now too short), jacket buttoned, tie on, belt in hand.


He dressed up for the remainder of our date.

I will never forget how he looked. I will never forget his thoughtfulness.

He didn’t stay long in the suit because our plan was pjs and hockey, but it didn’t matter.

It was one of the best dates I ever had.

I am now planning more date nights out with my sons.

Even if it is at McDonald’s.

See you at the Squat Rack ~