Perfectly Imperfect – A Conversation with Sit With She…



I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey, creator of SIT •with• She – an amazing blog that connects women regardless of age, religion, culture, ability or interest.

In her own words, “SIT •with• She” invites you to join the amazing journey back to yourself. Sitting first with yourself. Remember who SHE are despite the world that surrounds her. When we come home to our most natural self we can grow, change and impact others in ways we never thought possible.”

Lindsey and I talked for two and a half hours. We talked about raising and teaching kids, fitness and nutrition, being productive instead of busy, struggling with perfection and letting perfection go.

I learned a lot in those 2 hours. I learned – again – how so important it is to talk to women – friends, family, colleagues, neighbours…and even complete strangers like Lindsey was to me. The power in talking to each other…validating each other’s fears and aspirations, laughing, brainstorming, sharing secrets (like how to buy the perfect strapless bra!) is amazing!

It leaves us refreshed, inspired – and full of energy! I encourage you to follow “SIT •with• She” on Instagram and read about the incredible women of this City. We are all different and yet some stories resonate so deeply that somehow we are so much the same.

We are Powerful. We are Beautiful. We are Strong. We are Resilient. We are Perfectly Imperfect.

Read her blog on me. FYI …she didn’t write one note while we chatted and yet captured our entire conversation!

See you at the Squat Rack ~