Who’s Up For The Challenge?!



I know many of you have already signed up for my upcoming August 6 week “Get Healthier, Slim Down, Get Stronger” Challenge.

This challenge is solely online and in a closed Facebook group so that the entire world doesn’t see what you are posting. Some days I am sure you will post some struggles – we will all relate – some days (most days!) you will post accomplishments…small, itsy bitsy ones and BIG ones! We will be here to celebrate with you!

These challenges will be what YOU make them. I will keep you accountable because I know that is what works, but I can’t force you or anyone to make any changes.

You will be inspired constantly on this challenge! You will learn new food tips, ways to keep moving and you will look forward to the weekly challenges that will tweak your lifestyle so that you are mindful of your health all the time.

If you haven’t signed up by sending me your email or sending me a private message, and you are interested – sign up BEFORE June 25th!!

Email me at carmbozzo@sympatico.ca

See you at the Squat Rack ~