We’re in This Together


It’s incredible how motivation…inspiration… comes into your life sometimes. It’s incredible that sometimes it all comes from strangers.

As most of you know, I started a 6 week health and wellness challenge on a closed Facebook page. I invited friends, family and colleagues to join. Through that, friends of friends joined too.

What started off as a small group has now reached 39 women!!

Most of these women don’t know each other and yet, they are writing each other the most supportive, “you got this”, “we can do this” messages I have ever seen…so quickly. Our challenge just started Monday!

It’s amazing how nurturing women are by nature. I know…I know…sometimes women can be mean to other women…we see it sometimes even in grade school. The drama, the gossip, the peer pressure.

But there is something about this group, and about another group I am a part of, that is so beautiful.

Maybe it is because we are all so different and yet we are finding a commonality – getting healthier, feeling better.

I was bursting with happiness Monday as everyone posted and posted and how so many answered with such support and positivity. I feel everyone that was a part of the discussions was so motivated.

It’s such a struggle for most women to put themselves first, and, so often, our wellbeing (physically and emotionally) suffers. We think we are the only one who crumbles under pressure and eats badly, eats when no one is watching, caves into temptations and always…always…feels guilty afterwards.

What so many of these women in my challenge are learning is that they are NOT alone. We all can breathe a sense of relief that, we too, have all lost weight only to regain it, all of us have eaten well all day only to eat ice cream out the carton after putting the kids to bed. AHHH…we are not alone!!

In this group, we are all different ages and sizes. And none of that matters. We struggle the same. Often, I have to remind myself that it is not really about the food, the scale, the mirror…it’s about how we feel about ourselves. Body image and self-esteem are related, intertwined.

I really hope that this group of strangers will boost each other to a place of confidence and love for themselves. I know that will take time and quite possibly, more than 6 weeks. But man, imagine how far we can go in 6 weeks??

See you at the Squat Rack ~