Mom 2 Mom


It’s December, so that means for most moms…the Elf on the Shelf is back! What was once really cute, drains all my energy! Luckily for friends posting their ideas on Facebook and Pinterest including tons of ideas – a mom is saved! Because…really, do dads worry about this?!!!

Here’s a site that promises fun and EASY elf ideas. I like anything that doesn’t require me to clean up a mess!

December 8, 2016




Hey, thanks for visiting my Mom 2 Mom page.

If you’re a mom, which I am sure you are if you clicked on this page, then you will agree that being a mom has forever changed your life.

It’s the best, most rewarding, most amazing job ever!!! It is also the most exhausting, frustrating and heart breaking job ever, too.

On this page I hope to provide you with some funny stories as I raise my two sons with my husband but also provide you with some helpful resources as we navigate through motherhood together and provide you with some tips on how to be the best mother you can be WITHOUT losing yourself in the process!  (I need this more than you know!)

See you at the Squat Rack ~