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Transformation 2018

This year I chose the word “TRANSFORMATION” as my key word. I want this word to guide me in the gym, in the kitchen and with my family. I want to push myself like never before in the gym, I want to find a meal plan that REALLY works with who I am and I want to transform my mind so that I am less stressed and more present.

The transformation in the gym has been going well as I am following one of my favourite fitness professionals – Ashley Horner – 

She not only has a fabulous physique, she is so philanthropic with her time and talent and she’s been an inspiration to thousands across the world.

This January I started one of her hardest training programs, Pipehitter. Each workout leaves me a sweaty mess, pushed physically and mentally beyond my limit…and I love it! I may not love all the power cleans, the sprints, the wall runs when I am doing them, lol…but man, when I am done and I can say that my body did it…that my MIND did it…I feel incredible!!

I highly recommend you check her out! She’s an inspiration. Push your body and your mind will follow!

See you at the Squat Rack ~






I totally love kettle bell training. I fell in love with this about 4 years ago and I wish I could incorporate more in my workouts.

If you haven’t tried kettle bells but want to, here’s a great article on WHY you should use them and some basic exercises to start!

If you ever want to train together, let me know! Contact form is below!

December 8, 2016



I don’t care what you do to keep in shape, but I truly believe everyone should do SOMETHING! It’s not only good for your body, man is it ever great for your mind and your soul!

If you don’t want to hit the gym for whatever reason, you can access amazing workouts from the comfort of your own home…Some recommended websites to try include, and my favourite

Every week I will post some of my favourite workouts or fitness tips to get you motivated or KEEP you motivated!

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See you at the Squat Rack ~